Globular cluster Meisser 3 (M3) is located in the constellation Canes Venetici (between Bootes and Coma Berenices), shown in the next picture.

Figure 1.  Globular cluster M3 appears like a 6.4 magnitude star in this large area 27 degree wide view.  [SBIG ST-8E CCD, Nikon wide angle 29 mm EFL lens, f/8, 60-second exposure; 2002.05.11/12, Santa Barbara, CA residence]

Figure 2.  Zoom factor of 60, showing hundreds of stars in color.  The unsaturated stars have "full-width half-maximum" sizes of 3.5 "arc.  Image is 27 'arc wide.  [SBIG ST-8E CCD, Meade LX200 10-inch SCT, TT CFW, LRGB set, exposures 60 sec for L, and 120 sec for R, G and B; 2002.04.20/21, Santa Barbara, CA residence].


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