SKY STRIPS: RA = 13:25

The following images are best viewed with your monitor display set to a resolution of 1280x1024 (which will cause the sky strips to be as wide as your screen).

This web page has one north-south scan, from +85 to -20 degrees declination.  The width of the strip is 27.2 degrees (or 1:49 of right ascension at the celestial equator).  The sky area of this strip represents a mere 6.9% of the entire heavens sky area.  I've reduced the "JPEG-quality" to 25% in order to keep file sizes small, but they still are ~280,000 bytes which is large for modem users.  This web page, and links to other sky strips, is therefore meant for wide-bandwidth users.  Sorry, modem people.  Observing information about each image is included below each image.  Other sky strip images will be added as links at the bottom of this web page.

Let me suggest that you download the sky strip image and view it with your favorite viewer that allows zoom.  My favorite viewer is ACDsee (available for free at ACD Systems ).  It fills the screen and zooms by simply pressing the <Numeric +> key.

Right Ascencion = 13:25

Mosaic of 7 CCD images, each 27.2 x 18.1 degree, with exposures of 60-seconds ("dark" image subtraction to remove CCD artifacts and flat field corrected to remove vignetting).  A SBIG ST-8E CCD was used with a Vivtar 28-mm EFL lens set to f/8.  MaxIm DL 3.0 software was used for image analysis and mosaic creation.  The observing were made on 2002.05.11/12 at Santa Barbara, CA residence.

Additional Sky Strips for other right ascensions will be listed here when they become available.

Other Sky Strips:

    Sky Strip 12:00 (675 Kb file size)
    Sky Strip 15:00 (427 Kb file size)
    Sky Strip 16:30 (430Kb file size)
    Sky Strip 18:00 (in the works)


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