The following shows MTP/DC8 IAC details of a SOLVE flight.  Note: The images on this web page assume the viewer's screen resolution setting is 1024x768 pixels; other settings will cause images to fill more than a screen.


This flight had one wave event, 340 meters amplitude, yielding a "wave score" for this flight of 0.42.

Figure 1.  Flight track.

Figure 2.   CTC.

Figure 3.  IAC for entire flight.  All isentropes are 5 K apart.  There's one bruief wave event at 53 ks.

Figure 4.  Zoom of the only wave event (14.7 hrs), consisting 1.5 cycle (two valleys and one peak), with wave amplitudes of 340 meters (at 11.2 km).

Figure 5.  This doesn't qualify as a wave event, but the isentropes are distorted somewhat.

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