The following shows MTP's IAC details of SOLVE flight.


This flight had 3 wave events, one with very interesting phase lines.  The Wave Score for this flight is 1.46, the highest for SOLVE (so far).

Figure 1.  Flight track.

Figure 2.   CTC.

Figure 3.  IAC for entire flight.  The wave event are at 39.2/41.0 ks (11.1 hrs), 56.5 ks (15.7 hrs), and 61.2 ks (17.0 hrs).  All isentropes are 5 K apart.

Figure 4.  Zoom of 1st wave event (11.1 hrs), consisting of two main periods, having wave meter amplitudes of 190 and 300 meters (at 10.5 km).  The phase lines aren't sloped, but at 41 ks a valley at low altitude becomes a peak at higher altitudes.

Figure 5.  Vertically zoomed version of the second wave event (15.7 hrs).  The tropopause is shown by the small, black triangles.  At 13 km the wave amplitude is 300 meters.  Phase lines are sloped, and valleys and peaks exchange places at low and high altitudes on several occasions.

Figure 6.  Zoom of 3nd wave event (17.0 hrs). The tropopause is shown by the small, black triangles.  The main peak phase line is sloped more than any I've seen.


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