The following shows MTP's IAC details of SOLVE flight.


This flight had one quite large wave event, associated with a jet probably.  The Wave Score for this flight is 0.73.

Figure 1.  Flight track.

Figure 2.   CTC.

Figure 3.  IAC for entire flight.  The one wave event is at 53.0 ks (14.7 hrs).

Figure 4.  Zoom of 1st wave event (14.7 hrs), having a 520 meter amplitude at 11.6 km.  The phase lines are very distorted near 11 km at 53.0 ks.  See the next figure for different display of this data.

Figure 5.  Vertically zoomed version of the previous wave feature, showing the tropopause with small, black triangles.  There is a double tropopause 50.5 to 51.7 ks.  I would wager that there's a jet at 52.0 ks and 10 km, and it's causing a tropopause fold, bringing stratospheric air (at 53.0 ks and 11.5 km) down into the tropoposphere (to 52.5 ks and 10 km).

Figure 6.  Zoom of 2nd candidate wave event.  It doesn't qualify for inclusion in my wave occurence analysis since there is only one peak and one valley.  Nevertheless, this is definitely an interesting wave feature.  Note how, at 57.0 ks, the isentropes bulge up at altitudes below 9 km, bulge down at 10 to 11 km, and bulge up at 13 km and higher (the isentropes at 9.5 km are unaffected).  The tropopause is shown by the small, black triangles.


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