The following shows MTP's IAC details of SOLVE flight.


Thjis flight had 3 wave events, and a total Wave Score of 0.81.  All wave events were "minor," being of small amplitude and brief duration.

Figure 1.  Flight track.

Figure 2.   CTC.

Figure 3.  IAC for entire flight.  Wave evetns are at 59.0 ks,70.2 ks and 82.2 ks (16.4 hrs, 19.5 hrs and 22.8 hrs).

Figure 4.  Zoom of 1st wave event (16.4 hrs), having 230 meters amplitude, 1.1 ks duration.

Figure 5.  Zoom of 2nd wave event (19.6 hrs), having 205 meters amplitude and 1.2 ks duration.

Figure 6.  Zoom of 3nd wave event (22.8 hrs), having 280 meters amplitude and 0.8 ks duration. Notice the "contorted" phase line for the main "valley" feature.  The wave event is maximum above flight level at 82.0 to 82.24 ks.


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