The following shows MTP's IAC details of SOLVE flight.  The following images assume the viewer's screen resolution is set to 1024x768 pixels.


This flight exhibits a large amplitude wave event, more than 700 meters peak-to-peak (2nd largest for the DC-8 during SOLVE).  It occured at 80.5 ks, while flying at 12.5 km, 120 km west of the Norwegian coast.

Figure 1.  Flight track.

Figure 2.   CTC.

Figure 3.  IAC

Figure 4.  Zoom of 1st wave event (doesn't qualify for inclusion in wave occurrence statistics).

Figure 5.  Zoom of 2nd wave event.

Figure 6.  Zoom of 3rd wave event, during flight just west of the Norway coast.  Notice the sloping phase lines.

Figure 7.  Extra large zoom of 3rd wave event.

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