General Meteorology Studies

     MTP for Dummies Tutorial for Beginners 

     MTP Beginnings

     List of All MTP Flights

Isentrope Altitude Cross-Sections

    Mesoscale Temperature Fluctuations in the Stratosphere, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2006.
            Following two links are to web pages created before above publication and with some more detail:
            Mesoscale Temperature Fluctuations  Introduction to evidence for mesoscale isentrope wrinkles
                (repeated from previous web page)
             Mesoscale Fluctuation Amplitude  Statistical analysis of wrinkle amplitude versus latitude, season, underlying topography & altitude
                (repeated from previous web page)

    "Mesoscale Temperature Fluctuations in the Southern Hemisphere", submitted to Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2008 March
             Supporting material illustrating analysis procedure and including autocorrelation plots and power spectrum plots

     Double Tropopause Study  (DC951211, AK to HI)

     Jumping Tropopauses caused by mountain waves

Mountain Waves

     First Mountain Wave Encountered by MTP

     Biggest Mountain Wave Encountered by MTP

     Isentrope 2-D Topography for Mountain Waves

     AAOE MTP Results publication

Airborne Studies of General Interest

     Description of the MTP/DC8 Initial Calibration and T(z) RMS Performance Assessment

     Description of the MTP/DC8 Latest Calibration and T(z) RMS Performance Assessment

     MTP/ER2 and MTP/DC8 Calibration and Performance Summary

     Rogue Waves

     Tropopause Temperatures

     Planetary Boundary Layer Airborne T(z) Profiling

     Flying Isentropically with UAVs

     Intrusion Flight DC971013

     Official MTP web page (maintained by Dr. M. J. Mahoney, JPL)

Ground-Based Studies, Global Warming, and Miscellaneous

      Concern over use of MSU satellite data to infer global warming (published in Science magazine)

      Ground-Based Altitude Temperature Profiling

      Ground-Based Aviation Icing Hazard Demonstration

      Ground-Based Monitoriing of Status Cloud Liquid & Burn-Off Time

      Santa Barbara Measurements of Stratus Cloud Formation and Dissipation

      Ground-Based Vapor and Liquid Mapping

      Overview Description of MTP/ER2 (repeat)

      Overview Description of MTP/DC8 (repeat)


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