Pictures using my new Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera.


  Mountain Hikes (in Santa Barbara area)

        Hiking Highlights

        Hike to Montecito Peak

        Eagle Sequence

        Tunnel Ridge

  Mountain Hikes (in Sierra Vista, AZ)

        Carr Peak (AZ)

  Sky Pic's

       Sunsets in Hereford, AZ    

       Sunsets in Santa Barbara, CA

       Vandenberg Rocket Launches and Plumes

        Moonrise Over Santa Barbara

        Clouds - Spolight from Heaven

  Zoom Demonstrations Using SuperCollosal Telephoto Lens

        Astonishing Zoom Sequence of Montecito Peak

        Looking Down from Montecito Peak

        Astounding Close-Ups of Mars Water Channels

        Saddle Rock Zoom Sequence

        Demo Sequence, First Day with New Camera

        Zoom Sequence of Montecito Peak #2, With "3x Telephoto Converter"

  Miscellaneous Pictures

        Blue Jay Thief

        Ring Nebula (M57) in constellation Lyra

 Viewing Tip

        Instructions for Improving Quality of Image Views


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