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.Clear Air Turbulence  MTP Beginnings, MTP for Dummies, CAT warning studies

.Ozone Hole Mission Support  Mountain Waves, PSCs, Mesoscale Temperature Fluctuations

.Meteorology General  Double Tropopauses, Global Warming, Water Vapor & Cloud Liquid, Stratus Formation/Dissipation

.Microwave Moon Mapping (Article 1st pages)

  Personal Links

.AstroPhotos   Planets, Moon, Star Clusters, Milky Way, Galaxies

. Photography   Photos of hiking scenes, sunsets, zoom demo's & other

.  Philosophy   The Big Picture, Bertrand Russell Essay, Sociobiology

.   In Print   Quotations, Articles (Letters From Earth, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, etc)

.  Not in Print   Stories, Vignettes, Speculations, Reductionism, Sociobiology, Books

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